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learning log 3 - Learning Log Chapter 3 Knowledge The main...

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Learning Log: Chapter 3 Knowledge The main idea is that children develop physically through changes in muscle development at early ages and later in life through puberty, mentally by becoming fully literate, socially with peer interaction and cognitively throughout their early and middle childhoods, and adolescence. In early childhood language acquisition, large and small muscle skills, and prosocial behavior. In middle childhood memory and metacognitive skills are sharpened, physical growth is seen, and self-concept, self-esteem, and peer relations come into play. During adolescence while puberty changes children physically, hypothetical and deductive reasoning identity formation, social responsibility and intimacy change them in terms of their cognitive and socioemotional development. The secondary idea describes early childhood education, compensatory preschool, and kindergarten programs. Comparison Peer relations are relationships during the preschool years between children who are equal in age or status and begin to play an important role in children’s social and cognitive development. Peer relations can be related to the egocentrism that Piaget described as being characteristic of preoperational thinking in chapter 2. Peer relations show children that others
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learning log 3 - Learning Log Chapter 3 Knowledge The main...

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