Policing Study Guide Test 1

Policing Study Guide Test 1 - Chapter 1 The distinction...

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Chapter 1 o Civil law is laws concerned with relationships between individuals (contracts, business transactions, family relations) o Criminal law is laws concerned with the relationship between the individual and the government, especially in areas of public safety and order (driving licenses, theft, rape, and murder) o Substantive criminal laws identify behavior and punishment o Procedural criminal laws govern how the police enforce substantive laws The meaning of discretion o Discretion is the decision-making latitude of the police on whether to invoke legal sanctions when circumstances are favorable for them The distinction between public and private police o Public police are employed, trained, and paid by a government agency o Private police are employed and paid by an individual or nongovernmental agency The distinction between proactive and reactive police work o Proactive police work emphasizes police-initiated activities by the individual officer and the department o Reactive police work is more a response to a problem by police when assistance is specifically requested by citizens Chapter 2 The Peelian principles 1. police must be under control of government 2. police must be organized along military lines to ensure stability and efficiency 3. police buildings should be located so they are easily accessible to citizens 4. public should be informed about extent and nature of crime. Best method of evaluating police is the amount of crime in the community 5. police officers should be distributed by time and area 6. to be effective, a police organization selection process and training program must be of high quality 7. police who have a good appearance are better respected by public
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Policing Study Guide Test 1 - Chapter 1 The distinction...

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