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Ottomans - Ottomans 19:35:00 Ottomans • Anatolian marches...

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Ottomans 11/02/2008 19:35:00 Ottomans Anatolian marches o Pastoral nomads moved from East central Asia out to Turkey o Segmentary politics Pastoral Nomadic – Nomads – people who don’t stay in one place Pastor – places that can be lived off of (ex. by tigres, euphraties, nile). Kinship sort of like joining a political party but at the price of declaring that you relate to them (like descendants). Pastoral Nomadic tribes way of life makes them a more natural calvary Geographically speaking.. as the Turks moved into Anatolia, many became Muslim (mostly sunni) Theories of ottoman Solidarity Muslim Ghazis (not holy warriors) o Tribal genealogies discounted o Theological motivation as primary Tribal Federation and expansion more likely o Tribes as sort of “political party” o Christian tribes joined in o Success in Conquest leads to bureaucratic state o later on, tribes are marginalized
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Fall of Constantinople 1453: Byzantine capital falls Mehmet the Conqueror
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