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Extra HIST 443 MIDTERM KEYTERMS - nations Significance...

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Sayyid Jamal al-Din “Al-Afghani”- born in Asadabad, Iran, in 1838; he died in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 9, 1897. A philosopher and politician, he promoted the concept of unity of all Muslims against British rule in particular and against global western interests in general. It is commonly agreed that Al-Afghani was born into a family of sayyids of Asadabad, Hamadan. Al-Afghani himself, however, claimed that he was born in the village of As'adabad, near Kabul, Afghanistan. Significance: His call for Muslim solidarity influenced Egypt's nationalist movement, Turkey's Tanzimat reforms, as well as Iran's constitutional and Islamic revolutions. Nasir al-Din Shah – Iran - Rules 1848-1896. suppresses Babi millenarian revolt, 1848- 1856. (escapes assassination at hands of Babis, 1852). Mild reforms. began his reign as a reformer but became increasingly conservative, failing to understand the accelerating need for change or for a response to the pressures brought by contact with the Western
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Unformatted text preview: nations. Significance: postal system, newspaper (censorship), banking. didn’t understand the need for Iranian reform as a response to the West. Amir Kabir - Iran - Reformist prime minister. 1851 establishes polytechnic college, Tehran 19 th century European sciences. European Languages. Attempts to centralize. Military reorganization. Forbids bloody rituals on Ashura. Challenges shah, is assassinated 1852. He is "widely respected by liberal nationalist Iranians" as `Iran's first reformer`, a modernizer who was "unjustly struck down" attempted to bring "gradual reform" to Iran. Significance: Amir Kabir was sent to the Ottoman Empire to represent Persia in negotiations for an end to a hundred years of war between the two empires. He also helped Nasereddin Shah to receive the throne, so the Shah made him his chancellor and gave his sister to him in marriage....
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