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Chinese 50 Final Exam Study Guide - Chinese 50 Final Exam...

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Chinese 50 Dr. Hung-hsiang Chou Final Exam Study Guide Winter 2008 1) The Chinese 50 Final Exam will be cumulative and so you should prepare using the Midterm Study Guide as well. 2) Confucianism a. Why is Confucius significant in the history of China? i. He was the first sage of China, was worshipped as the god of the teacher’s association in China ii. He was the first one to offer public education in China iii. His teaching became the official government ideology during the Han Dynasty b. What are the main aspects of his philosophy? i. Pragmatism ii. Emphasis of learning iii. Bao- Loyalty, forbearance iv. Li- rites, and rituals v. Filial Piety vi. Gentlemen vs. Littleman vii. Humanity viii.Lun Li- Ethnical Order (Social Order) ix. Where possible, you should know the Chinese names given to the various aspects of his philosophy. Why is this philosophy called pragmatic ? Confucianism is called pragmatic because it didn’t talk about the things before birth and the things after death. Those things were considered uncertain and Confucianism is based on facts. c. What is a Chun Zi , and why is it an important idea in Confucianism? What are some of the qualities of a Chun Zi ? Person of moral excellence. The Chun Zi is considered a gentleman. Behave in a way that doesn’t worry the parents, does not wander afar from the parents, a gentlemen is prompt in deeds, a gentlemen reaches upward, a gentlemen understands what is right and cherishes virtues, and a gentlemen does what is right and help other to succeed. d. Who is Mencius and why is he important to the Confucian tradition? Mencius is an important Confucius philosopher after Confucius himself died. How did he change the philosophy of Confucius? He is probably best known for the view that “human nature is good”. While Confucianism generally regards rulers highly, Mencius argued that it is acceptable for the subjects to overthrow or even kill a ruler who ignores the people's needs and rules harshly." Like Confucius, he emphasized a good person
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Chinese 50 Final Exam Study Guide - Chinese 50 Final Exam...

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