Problem Set #5 Env. Sci 10

Problem Set #5 Env. Sci 10 - ES 10: Introduction to...

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From Foley et al. 2007 ES 10: Introduction to Environmental Science Name: Christina Pang Problem Set 5 Discussion Section: Monday Due at the beginning of lecture on Friday, March 21, 2008 SID: 19520503 1. Soil Resources A) Describe 2 problems that would occur in a compacted soil that has lost much of its pore space. ( 1 point ) - Water movement. Water will have trouble peculating through it. - Deduction of space for root growth. - (Less pore space= less air space). Plants will trouble breathing. 2. Grasslands and Savannas A) What are phytoliths? What makes them useful for understanding the origins of grasses? What are coprolites and how do they help shed light on what past ecosystems were like? ( 2 points ) - Phytoliths are plantsof the plant that accumulates silica. - The silica does not degrade ad quickly/easily so it sticks around for a lond time, becoming a good fossil. - Coprolites are fossilized fecal matter.They help us understand what past organisms ate (diet), thus what ecosystems were like back then (what plants/resources were present). B) Give 2 reasons why grasses are so successful. Explain each of these reasons. ( 2 points
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Problem Set #5 Env. Sci 10 - ES 10: Introduction to...

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