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Pediatric Test Study Guide - Review Broncholitis Review...

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Pediatric Test Study Guide Review the different disease pathologies such as croup, epiglottitis, and meningitis and know any alternate names, prodromes, symptoms, and signs of each disease. Review Reyes syndrome and recall that it is a disease of unknown etiology that is prevalent in children from 5 to 15 with a recent VIRAL illness and the administration of aspirin or aspirin related product. Review Bacterial Tracheitis Review intubation differences between adult and pediatric airways, also review the correct tube sizes, procedure, and confirmation techniques used in pediatric patients Review shock, know the differences and examples for both distributive shock and non- distributive shock and know each form of shock and signs and symptoms of each Review seizures including the different types and what status epilepticus means
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Unformatted text preview: Review Broncholitis Review drug dosages for EPI, bicarb, atropine, Lidocaine, adenosine (use PALS information) also review valium. Know what each drug does Review SIDS, know the age group it frequently strikes, know the definition per the book and know some ways to avert SIDS Review hypoglycemia and know what blood sugar result we need to treat. Know fluid resuscitation dosage Review spinal fractures in the book and note where the majority of spinal fracture occur in children Know the normal respiratory rates for the different age groups from the chart in the lecture or in the book Review IO infusion and know the drugs that can be administered IO and those that cannot....
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