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Geriatrics Study Guide - Review some good practices when...

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Geriatrics Study Guide Know the difference between geriatrics and gerontology and ageism Review the advanced directives and what each is used for Review the normal changes for the cardiovascular system Review some of the drugs we give and review the ones we have to give reduced doses of Review what kyphosis is Review the most common psychiatric disorders among 65 and older Review the osteoporosis and osteoarthritis Review what causes altered mental status Review Alzheimer’s, dementia and delirium Review pneumonia and the signs and symptoms of it Review the brain weight deduction in the elderly Review the signs and symptoms of MI other than chest pain
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Unformatted text preview: Review some good practices when assign the elderly populace Review which drugs cause the most common adverse effects in the elderly Review the changes in the thermoregulatory system Review type 1 and type 2 diabetes and what are some signs and symptoms of both Review stokes adams syndrome and sick sinus syndrome and the difference between each Review heart failure and what puts people at more risk Review symptoms of bowl infarction Review Parkinson’s disease Review elder abuse and who abuses Review the geriatric chapter in the book!...
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