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Hudson Valley Community College Institute of Prehospital Emergency Medicine Attendance Policy Operations Spring 2006 The Institute’s programs are governed by two separate sets of rules, one rule being HVCC’s and the other being the New York State Department of Health’s. It is the intent of this attendance policy to meet the needs of both of these agencies. 1. Any missed class, lab, internship, or clinical time must be made up. This must be scheduled in advance by the responsible faculty member. 2. While absences due to illness or family emergency do arise, attendance is necessary for your academic progress. To this end, following a number of missed sessions corresponding to the chart below, a faculty review will be required. The student should submit in writing to his/her CIC any explanation or extenuating circumstances concerning the absences. 3. (5%) missed classes Meeting with Faculty member (8%)Missed classes Meeting with Medical and Program Director (10%) Missed classes Loss of 10% of grade
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