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Stuff for Honors Colloqium

Stuff for Honors Colloqium - Amrit Gupta Honors Class...

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Amrit Gupta 4/6/08 Honors Class Brainstorming Ideas for Honors Colloqium - On one of the websites that was given to us in the email (FriendsofIshmael), there was a local Tucson group although it may not be in existence anymore. It has the contact name and contact info for the group head. Email address of group head is [email protected] and his phone number is listed as (520)-896-6360. The website is much more action oriented and was in the process of applying for non- profit status. - In terms of logistics, a video conference with Daniel Quinn could happen perhaps during a set day at the honors college (just an idea). Orientation might work as well. I think a potential event at the bookstore works better than at the library. This is because everyone is required to purchase their books at the bookstore, but the library will not be accessed necessarily by such a large contingent of students especially in the beginning days of school. I myself did not start using the library for studying or other purposes until one month into my freshman fall semester.
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