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Karen Stasevich 10-18-07 Pol. Sci. 300 Sec. 6 998 words National Security The majority of Americans, along with the rest of the world, believe that the U.S. presence in Iraq is harmful on many levels. Famed journalist Garrison Keillor sums up the reality of the grave situation in Iraq as “…A preemptive war against a small country that did not seek war with us, which was sold to the American public on the basis of brazen lies, a war that was horribly mismanaged, plunging the Iraqi people into year after year of near anarchy, exposing American troops to relentless guerilla opposition, expendable kids from poor rural families.” The U.S. became involved in the current war with Iraq through a long history of military operations dating back to before the Gulf War and conservative manipulation of the American people’s trust by an administration willing to finish an agenda left by the first Bush administration. To safeguard national security, the U.S. must salvage and build upon its remaining soft power and intelligence, redirecting resources and attention away from a militaristic strategy to win Iraq and focus on diplomatic solutions abroad and at home. Agendas of past administrations and blunders that accompanied them are main contributors to why the U.S. is in Iraq today. The Ottoman Empire fell and when conflict arose between Iraq and Iran, the U.S. made sure to support Saddam Hussein’s rise to power, even though he represented the wealthy minority in the oil-rich state. The U.S. retracted its support for Saddam during George H.W. Bush’s reign.
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PolSci300paper3 - Karen Stasevich 10-18-07 Pol. Sci. 300...

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