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International Relations Notes 2/22/2007 1968-78=Period of Detante - Detante=relaxation of tension (French - In this period, Us and soviet union were willing to take cooperative approaches to lessen tension - Two major achievements: 1. US and Soviet Union agreed on arms control 2. US and The People’s Republic of China achieved diplomatic reconciliation in 1972. - in 1978-80, Detante came to an end due to 1) Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and 2) the election of president Ronald Reagan The Reagan Administration - Reagan opposed communism for moral reasons - Called the Soviet Union the, “Evil Empire” - Expanded American Armaments in preparation for a possible war Later Cold War - By the mid 1980s, it became clear that the Soviet Union could not continue the Cold War because of its economic stagnation 1. This was due to an inefficiency of the SU’s command economy. - command economy- The amount of goods produced, the kinds of goods produced and the price for goods are all determined at the beginning of the fiscal year by the government. Sometimes called a planned economy. -
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International Relations Notes - International Relations...

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