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International Relations Notes

International Relations Notes - The Kurds and the...

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International Studies Class Notes 2/27/2007 Nationalism- A political ideology that requires people to put their primary loyalty to their nation Nation- A group of people who have: - Demographic and cultural similarities - Felling of community - Desire for self-government 1) The third factor distinguishes a nation from an ethnic group Nation-State- A nation state exists when almost all members of a single nation are organized in a single state, without any other national communities being present - The nation-state is the standard form of state in today’s IR thinking 1) However, in the actual world, the “pure” nation states are relatively few 2) The nation-state is more myth than reality Patterns of Nation vs. State - Nation State 1) US, Japan - Multi-nation State 1) Multiple nations exist within a single state 2) Canada, Spain, Rwanda - Multi-State Nation 1) A nation is divided into multiple states 2) Korea, Ireland and Germany before 1991 - One nation, no state 1) A nation is divided and lives as the minority in multiple states 2) i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: The Kurds and the Palestinians-Multiple Nations, Multiple States 1) Multiple nations are divided and live in multiple states 2) Russia The Pros and Cons Of Nationalism IR scholars generally think that Nationalism is “Janus-faced”-Has both advantages and disadvantages Advantages of Nationalism 1. Nationalism promotes democracy a. Historically, nationalism and democracy have developed hand in hand 2. Nationalism discourages imperialism 3. Nationalism helps economic development a. Nationalism can provide political stability necessary for economic development. 4. Nationalism protects diversity a. Pitfall of the world government. Disadvantages of Nationalism 1. Lack of concern for other nations a. We-they mentality b. Examples: small economic aids to poor countries 2. Xenophobia 3. Tendency to oppress ethnic minorities within the country a. Example: “ethnic cleansing” in former Yugoslovia 4. Tendency to encourage external aggression a. Example: Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan...
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International Relations Notes - The Kurds and the...

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