test sample - _lobe receives this information(a primary...

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The test will consist of 50 questions. These samples will help indicate the level of difficulty of the test. Dr. Angellino stated “Psychology should be the study of the purpose of behavior and mental states and how they function to allow the organism to adapt to the environment. It is most likely that Dr. Angellino is a (a) Functionalist (b) Structuralist (c) Behaviorist (d) Psychoanalyist If you were a Psychologist interested in language and memory you would most likely be a________ Psychologist. (a) Humanistic (b) Structuralist (c) Behaviorist (d) Cognitive If a researcher found that levels self-esteem and self-respect increased or decreased together in a population this would be a (a) dependent variable (b) independent variable (c) positive correlation (d) negative correlation If someone taps you on the back, you sense the touch because the _____cortex in the
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Unformatted text preview: ___________lobe receives this information (a) primary motor; frontal (b) primary somatosensory; frontal (c) primary somatosensory; parietal (d) primary motor; occipital Mrs. Davis has multiple sclerosis and experiences muscle weakness. The cause of this feeling is degeneration in the (a) dendrites (b) corpus callosum (c) synaptic vesicles (d) myelin sheath If a patient has damage to their hippocampus they would have problems with (a) memory (b) controlling anger (c) understanding speech (d) staying awake Jenny has just finished running a very tough race and seems very happy and elated. One cause of her “runner high” may be abnormal levels of (a) serotonin (b) acetylcholine (c) dopamine (d) endorphins...
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test sample - _lobe receives this information(a primary...

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