Exam 3 study guide

Exam 3 study guide - Qualification for Texas legislature...

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History of press Political parties and press in early years Media roles: Signaling Common carrier Watchdog Public representative News Press Partisan press Objective journalism Yellow journalism Adolph Ochs FCC Regulation of media News as entertainment Congressional elections Congressional leadership Congressional committees Congressional policymaking Incumbency advantage "strong" challengers Congress as a "fragmented institution General accounting Office Congressional Research Service Congressional Budget office Functions of Congress: Enact legislation, strengths and weaknesses Representation of interests Oversight Constituency Pork barrel Service Reapportionment redistricting gerrymandering different types of committees cloture filibuster rider veto logrolling Congress membership Congress in Constitution Texas legislature membership
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Unformatted text preview: Qualification for Texas legislature Texas legislative leadership Courts in the Constitution Jurisdiction Solicitor general Brief Senatorial courtesy Judicial restraint Legitimacy of judicial power Judicial activism Power of Supreme Court View of Courts by founders Judicial selection Marbury v Madison Original Jurisdiction Appellate jurisdiction Structure of federal courts Different types of opinions Stare decisis Writ of certiorari How cases reach the courts Precedent Influences on opinions Criminal law Civil Law Texas court structure Texas judicial selection War Powers Act Impeached Presidents Momentum Department of Homeland Security Treaty Power Legislative Power Appointment Power White House Staff Samuel Kernell Stewardship Law Best president Worst president Unit rule # of Cabinet Departments...
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Exam 3 study guide - Qualification for Texas legislature...

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