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Env. Sci Lecture 2/27/08 1. Herbivore- Plants are “easy to catch”. However plants have little energy sorted fat. Easy to catch, harder to process. 2. Humans are omnivorous. If the human chooses to be vegetarian, the person must choose plants that are high in fats or oils, and also that contain the right protein content. 3. For humans, living on grass diet is impossible because it’s low on protein and energy. 4. Hypsodontia—Hardness of teeth is from enamel, then softer material like dentine inside. Teeth can erode if too much plant eating. 5. How do humans live in grasslands? By acting like carnivores. They have a different problem; usually food is hard to catch. Carnivore= catch, kill, and then the nutrients come naturally. They have simple digestive systems. 6. Pastoralism- Are secondary consumers. 7. Plants and other organisms are about 45% carbon. 8. Tropical rainforest= Biodiversity very high. 9. Boreal Forest- High laitde in sub-arctc region. The productivity goes down,
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