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Spencer Dorsey 13 March 2007 Gothic was a term given in the 19 th century by classicists to emphasize the barbarism when the Roman Empire dissolved. The ribbed vault was designed like a web, so that the weight was dropped onto different parts of the ceilings. This was a structural innovation of Gothic architecture. Abbey-Church of St. Denis: had the Rose Window at its façade, was built in different segments, was part of early French Gothic The descent of weight and the springing of support were parts of Gothic style “Second” Early Gothic – Notre-Dame Cathedral – tympanum is the façade of small figures, archivault is the molding over the tympanum. Notre-Dame had a unified, homogeneous interior, moving away from classical style. In the chronology of Gothic architecture, Notre-Dame eventually had a nave which demonstrated a transition from 4-part to 3-part. Buttresses were later added in the high- gothic style Chartres Cathedral, France supposedly held a cloth worn by the Virgin Mary. It had two
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Unformatted text preview: porches to each side of the transept which contained important sculptures; had a triforium; had a one to one correspondence between the nave opening and the arcade, which were only separated by a triforium • The construction of Ste. Chapelle, Paris was under the reign of Louis IX. It had two churches- one lower and one higher. Wall is completely worked in glass with minimum masonry. • In the interior of English gothic churches, like the Canterbury Cathedral, there is usually a feeling of greater solidity, and that the church is narrower and darker. • In the Lincoln Cathedral, England, the horizontal registers across front of building. The wall of the apse is flat, not circumnavigating amulatories like in the French gothic. It contained a Chapter House which was a meeting place for the monks and was highly decorated. The Lincoln Cathedral had a double transept •...
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