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1. Achievement- to accomplish important things 2. Helpful- To be of service to others, to contribute to the well-being of others. 3. High Income- to be financial successful 4. Passion- to care deeply about my work; commitment to a cause 5. Creativity- To be original, to express my self 6. Friendship- to develop friendships at work, to have time for friends 7. Growth- To develop personally and professionally 8. Teamwork- to accomplish goals as a member of a team 9. Fun- To have fun, to enjoy life and work 10. Health/Wellness- to physically and emotionally healthy Activity 1.2 My Career Journal What Marketing Positions seem interesting to you? Why? I believe that a Media Director would be a fun exciting job that would They deal with media sales representatives and determine where to place ads based on the client's objectives and budgets. It would give me a sense of power and control with a high sense of achievement. What career fields have you been considering? Marketing, Advertising , New Media
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Unformatted text preview: Look at what your List of top ten Values from Activity 1.1 with those in mind imagine a typical workday that reflects those values Write a couple of sentences that describe your day. I try to have a Fun day to enjoy life and work. I enjoy having a day full of health and wellness to he Physically and Emotionally Healthy . With my main goal by the end of the day is to be one step closer to being Financially successful in order to have a High Income . Also to be able to Achieve the ability to accomplish important things Now that youve determined your values, does that change your thinking about possible career fields to consider. Web Designer, Media Developer, Media Director When you think about your top value, what comes to mind? The value that is most valuable to me is Achieve, because when you achieve you accomplish other values as well when achieve being Physically and Emotionally Healthy and Having a High income as well as many others....
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