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Unformatted text preview: Course Reader Notes 11/02/2008 17:33:00 Developing Frameworks for Studying Mass Communication The process is reciprocal society influences media and media influences society Development of theories about cause and effect Evolution of a unique relationship between a community of communication scholars The study of mass communications has been particularly unsystematic several different disciplines Conceptualizing Mass Society Underlying features that distinguish this type of society from other forms have to do with the relationships between their members rather than the size of their population Mass society emerged from the study of fundamental social changes that took place in society over the last 2 centuries o Changes were subtle, complex and profound The Master Trends o Industrialization 18 th century- Industrial Revolution developments in science and engineering were about to yield new power sources and machinery labor force required people with minimal skills free from traditional obligations to lands and landlords factory system- direct result of the economic advantages of shop production drew residents from diverse sources housing machinery, labor and stages of the manufacturing process corporation- legal entities for sharing risks and protecting shareholders from personal liability existed prior to industrialization brought a new dependence on bureaucracy had written rules activities of each persons positions carefully set forth patterns of power/authority clearly defined o Urbanization Process by which an increasing proportion of the population of a given area live in towns and cities The explosion of urban growth began and kept pace with industrial revolution Social significance- changes the quality of life; brings unlikely people together (accelerated by heavy immigration by people from other countries) However, since many immigrants spoke different languages and had different cultures ( multitude of separate corporations ), urbanization actually created great differences in the new social order, trust was displaces by distrust o Modernization Age of innovations Caused even greater distinctions between rich and poor New products served as status symbols Modern societies are more media dependent Contemporary Society as Mass Society...
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Course_Reader_Notes - Course Reader Notes 11/02/2008...

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