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Readings Content Exam 1- Industrialization: Changed relationship between people and their work Alienation of worker Relationships were basked on work Communities formed around factories than shared/common beliefs Bureaucracy= small group depend on intuitive understanding of morals/ rules, whereas large group needs informal enforced laws/rules for structure Increasingly mobile, differentiated, and bureaucratized society reduced personal ties between people Morals/Customs-----to------civil/restrictive laws Urbanization : Movement of population into cities (industrialization not ness.) Social controls that tradition people exercise sharply decline Brings unlike people together… “anomie” Contract instead of handshake “trust eliminated” Changes quality of life Modernization : Innovation, time scheduling, even greater distinctiveness Middle levels of SES distinguished by consumption, closely linked with …. Of mass media. Populations undergoing Modernization increase use of print, film, broadcast. Modern societies are media dependent. Mass Society = Urban-industrial society Emerges after: 1. social differences increase 2. informal rules gone (handshake) 3. replaced by formal rules (contract) 4. Easy communication based on social solidarity becomes harder Media has great power because of competing social and physical influences Spread of mass media in mass society
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Readings Content Exam 1 - Readings Content Exam 1Lowery...

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