Comm220 Final Review

Comm220 Final Review - Mass communication is a process in...

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is a process in which professional communicators design and use media to disseminate messages widely, rapidly, and continuously to arouse intended meanings in large, diverse, and selectively attending audiences in attempts to influence them in a variety of ways. History of mass communication 90,000 to 35,000 BC – Language 2500 BC – Invention of Writing 1455 – Printing Press 1844 – Telegraph @1900 – Films 1920s – Home Radio 1950s – Wide Adoption of TV 1990s – Rise of the Internet Modernization The development of increasingly specialized and distributed forms of social organization, featuring movement off farm, increasing literacy rates, education rates. This fostered demand for information. Urbanization Movement into cities dislocated people from traditional information sources. This dislocation promoted the development of a “mass” social organization, in which individuals felt more disconnected than they had in previous forms of traditional social organization ( anomie ). This also led to demand for information and social connection. Industrialization Transformation of work life also helped to re-assemble traditional social patterns. Extended families were less necessary, and industrialization also facilitated population growth and immigration. These factors all led to growth in demand for media information to help cohere social units. Technological Determinism : idea that technological development determines social and cultural change/action VS. Social construction of technology : argues that technology does not determine human action, but that rather, human action shapes technology; the ways in which a technology is used cannot be understood without understanding how that technology is embedded in its social context. Impacts of Technologies Economic life revolutionized, permitting greater “control” of all functions, market-setting, promotion, advertising, pricing, etc. social life gradually revolutionized as new technologies were adopted in middle classes, new social “connections” technologies were “combinatory” Linking together geographically dispersed communities into one nation and identity. Technical, social, and economic foundations for film and broadcast technologies.
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Comm220 Final Review - Mass communication is a process in...

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