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Review Sheet for Prelim 3 1. Statistic tests: When to use what? One-sample chi-square test - Test the differences between expected and observed counts/frequencies of a single variable Example: Proportion of people who like or dislike Grey’s Anatomy? (expected frequency: 50%) Proportion is used instead of raw counts to make comparison of frequencies across different categories easier Cross-tab k-dimension chi-square test - Enable the researcher to determine the nature of relations between variables (Kerlinger and Lee, 2000) Can be used to organize CATEGORICAL data in convenient form Use percentages in place of raw number. One-sample t-test - Involves only one variable (Not studying relationship between two variables). Used when comparing the mean of your sample against a reference test value. Possible test values include : Known population mean, the average value of the test variable based on past research, the midpoint of the test variable, the chance level of performance on the test variable. Paired-sample t-test  -  Primary question of interest is whether the mean difference between the two occasions is significantly different from zero Used to compare means in o Repeated-measures designs With intervention (e.g. pre and post test scores) Without intervention (e.g. different measures on the same subjects – concern for salary vs. concern for job security) o Matched-subjects designs (e.g. evaluation of the same issue between couples) Independent-sample t-test -Evaluate the difference between the means of two independent groups, meaning that each case must have a grouping identification and a test variable
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Comm282 final review - Review Sheet for Prelim 3 1....

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