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Unformatted text preview: English Exam I Review George Herbert (1593-1633) Herbert produces complexity of meaning through allegory Often alludes to biblical images and events The Altar The words of the poem are shaped into a perfect altar. This altar represents materialistic wanting. The speaker is trying to tell his audience to turn away from materialism and turn towards God instead. Lines 5-8 A HEART alone is such a stone, as nothing but thy power doth cut shows the limitations that are bound to human art. Only God alone can cut/break the human heart. Lines 13-14 That, if I chance to hold my peace, These stones to praise thee may not cease o The speaker is writing as a Christian who is saved by the grace of God. o The speaker is not prideful and has accepted the fact that he is mortal. The altar that is being referred to in line 16 is referring to an internal one. The poet has a broken altar in his heart. The poem is supposed to be an allegory of the outward spiritual wholeness that he sees. Easter Wings The story of mankind falling and a future of redemption is constantly repeated throughout the poem and has become internalized within the poets heart. As the poet falls through the lines of the poem, he also realizes that God has forseen the fall and through Jesus Christ has turned it into a blessing. The poet was born a sinner, but through Jesus Christ, he can be redeemed. Jordan (1) Praise for God is beautiful Poems dont have to be elaborate and written in flowery language because this will make it become more about the poem than about God. o Sometimes with such elaborate language, the meaning/message becomes lost. Simple language (like when a Shepard says My God, My King) is easy to understand and has a very clear meaning. Herbert defines human truth to be sincerity....
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English Exam I Review - English Exam I Review George...

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