Febrauary 19 - February 19, 2008 Book 12 562 Adam says that...

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February 19, 2008 Book 12 562 Adam says that he has learned his lesson Milton suggests if we can live Christian lives, we can experience a spiritual paradise that is greater than materialistic paradise Now that Adam and Eve have fallen, they resemble us. (We are supposed to identify with them.) The penalty for eating the fruit is not immediate death literally, but rather the curse of mortality o They must leave paradise and enter the fallen world filled with sin and mortality. 587 (He emphasized this point in class) There is a parallel between what Adam and the reader are experiencing Adam leaves with reluctance and hopes for a better future o There is a happy ending in the long run because we are saved through Christ. Milton wrote this poem to make us better Christians, not simply for pleasure 598 Echoes the prophecy of the fall of mankind 615 Eve’s life will not be sheer bliss no matter how much she loves Adam 619 Milton compares good angels, instead of Satan, to swamp gas o This shows the angels have a demonic resemblance It is a sign of how fallen Adam and Eve have become. There is now a clear and distinct separation between humans and angels. God tells Adam that the fallen man is a laborer who must always work, but reassures him by telling Adam that man does have every aspect of returning safely home to paradise. The deadly mist represents sin and death, the penalty for transgression.
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Febrauary 19 - February 19, 2008 Book 12 562 Adam says that...

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