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ch 16 sect 78 - Ch 16 Section 78 Imperialism Its Nature and...

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Ch 16 Section 78 Imperialism: Its Nature and Causes 1. Introduction a. Differences between Western and non-Western cultures i. Third World 1. Developing 2. Traditional 3. Poor 4. Weak ii. Western World 1. Developed 2. Secular 3. Rich 4. Strong b. Globalization i. Favored the west 1. Traditional manufactures could not compete with machine manufactures 2. Grazing lands gave way to plantations and mines 3. Railroads displaced workers in traditional methods of transportation ii. Economic downturn became a world depression c. Imperialism i. Government of one people by another ii. Caused conflict iii. Anti-capitalism passed into socialism d. Imperialist rivalries of Europe’s supremacy led to the war and collapse of Europe
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a. Colonialism died down with the growth of free trade b. Britain was the last of the colonial empires of Europe i. Spain lapsed after 1588 ii. France was ruined through the Napoleonic Wars iii. Russia was in a state of disarray c. By 1900 the West partitioned most of the world among themselves 3. The New vs. Old Imperialism a. Old imperialism was a matter of purchasing desired goods from local suppliers i. No territorial ambitions ii. Protection of trade stations b. New Imperialism i. Europeans moved in ii. Invested capital iii. Developed infrastructure iv. Locals became wage employees v. Lent money to the local leaders to keep the governments cooperative vi. To protect investments Europe moved to territorial domination 1. Colonies 2. Protectorates 3. Some countries were divided into spheres of influence a. China or Persia
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ch 16 sect 78 - Ch 16 Section 78 Imperialism Its Nature and...

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