ENVS 101 - Class 9

ENVS 101 - Class 9 - ENVS Class 9 Exam 1 Performance Mean:...

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Unformatted text preview: ENVS Class 9 Exam 1 Performance Mean: 73.3 Standard Error: 1.3 Median: 76 Mode: 81 Standard Deviation: 9.0 Sample Variance: 81.7 Kurtosis: -.4 Skewness: -0.6 Range: 38 Minimum: 52 Maximum: 90 Sum: 3299 Count: 45 The Greenhouse Effect Solar radiation passes through the clear atmosphere. Most radiation is absorbed by the earths surface and warms it. Some solar radiation is reflected by the earth and the atmosphere. Some of the infrared radiation passes through the atmosphere, and some is absorbed and re-emitted in all directions by greenhouse gas molecules. The Effect of this is to warm the earths surface and the lower atmosphere. Infrared radiation is emitted from the earths surface. Pages 364-365 www.epa.gov CO2 forms blanket o In atmosphere o Retains heat From solar radiation. As CO2 levels increase, o Heat retention increases o Glacial melting increases o Weather volatility increases Greenhouse Gasses and Climate Change: Who Cares? National Academy of Sciences & National Research Council United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change o IPCC U.S. Environmental Protection Agency o EPA Gov. Eliot Spitzer & State of New York World Economic Forum Al recognize importance of controlling carbon emissions o For climate and energy future QUIZ: About 5% of the worlds population lives in U.S. What percent of global CO2 comes from the U.S.? 1. 2% 2. 8% 3. 15% 4. 24% U.S. Largest Global Warming Contributor 4% of worlds population Produces almost 25% of global CO2 emissions www.worldbank.org/depweb/beyond/global/chapter14.html Kyoto Protocol International agreement...
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ENVS 101 - Class 9 - ENVS Class 9 Exam 1 Performance Mean:...

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