ENVS 101 - Class Notes - 02.12.08

ENVS 101 - Class Notes - 02.12.08 - ENVS 101: Class Notes...

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ENVS 101: Class Notes 02/12/08   Notes on Exam 1: Notes on Short Answers. Japanese Food: Youth preferring fast food. Scientific Method: no bias, replicated. Coal: processing. NOTES ON MULTIPLE CHOICE: (Topics Answered Incorrectly) 1. Science uses data to formulate hypothesis, which form a s=basis for making predictions. 2. The production of sugars by plants using sunlight involves which energy conversion:  kinetic   potential 3. A distinctive building block of matter is called an element. 4. GPP is the result of which processes: photosynthesis alone 5. The mass of an atom is mostly neutrons and protons 6. Which organisms release CO2 through respiration: all living organisms 7. All organic compounds contain carbon 8. Energy can be formally defined as the ability to do work and transfer heat 9. Currently, there are how many lithospheric plates on earth? There are about 20, moving  around 10. Which is true of decomposition rates in bogs, slow because of bog chemistry 11. Which commodities are mined in the state of NY: a. Stone, salt, garnets 12. Which of the following is a property of a metamorphic rock: foliations 13. GPP is accomplished by green algae and plants 14. The two most common elements in earth’s crust are O2 and silica 15. Household batteries possess potential energy and mercury. Essay #1 Key Points Food imports increase and security decreases. Mercury in seafood increases. Farmland lost to land sales.
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This note was uploaded on 04/11/2008 for the course ENVS 101 taught by Professor Lord during the Spring '08 term at SUNY Oneonta.

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ENVS 101 - Class Notes - 02.12.08 - ENVS 101: Class Notes...

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