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HST 104 2.14.07 - Humayan(1530 1556 Intelligent but very...

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February 14, 2007 HST 104 The Ottomans 1918: Ottoman Empire morphed into modern-day Turkey Main reason: materialism 1. Control -> Turkey, Persia, Middle East, North Africa, Balkans 2. Safavids Lived in modern-day Iran/Iraq. Came out of Anarchy. Shah Ismail 1487 - 1524. Shiite / Sufi Nicknamed "redheads" Their badge was a twelve-foot red hat. +/- 1501 - 1601 Ottomans took over again. Structured Persia. One of three strongest Islamic nations, but weakest of the three. 3. Mughals - India Enter India +/- 1500 1498: Goa exists as Portuguese empire for 500+ years. "Factory" Where women, men go to trade. Come into India from Pakistan. Babur (1482 - 1530) Descendant of Ghengas Khan Artillary (On Wheels) Elephants Only 12,000 men, but advanced technology 1517 in North India
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Unformatted text preview: Humayan (1530 - 1556) Intelligent, but very lazy. Died after falling off of a horse because he smoked too much opium. Akbar (1556 - 1601) Massive army Heaviest artillary Tolerant of Hindu religion. Became hostile towards Islam. Jahanagir (1605 - 1628) Wife ran empire. Jaha (1628 - 1658) Remembered for building the Taj Mahal. Had thirteen kids. English through French out of India. East India Company Controlled by English World-wide monopoly. EIC drives Mughals into submission. Sir Robert Clive Director of EIC in 1750s In charge of Navy Within ten years, captured by English. Why countries have a colony: 1. Raw materials (cotton) 2. Fixed market Led to massive famines in India. 3. Military bases 4. Taxes...
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HST 104 2.14.07 - Humayan(1530 1556 Intelligent but very...

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