HST 104 2.12.07

HST 104 2.12.07 - Took Turkish prisoners and killed them in...

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February 12, 2007 HST 104 Islam +/- 600AD 90% Sunni 10% Shiite Sunnis are minority in Iraq. Saddam Hussein was Sunni. Expansion by military force. Mohammad converted animists. west to Portugal east to Philippines didn't really spread north/south Muslims didn't convert by force. Only made it very inconvenient to be Christian. When Muslims captured Jerusalem, Pope called for Crusades. Byzantine Eastern part of Roman empire Greek Antithesis of Islam +/- 400AD - 1453AD Pope has no rule over Byzantine. Never been a unified Christian church. Ottoman Sunni Started as a tribe +/- 1,000AD Islamic, central Asian Headed for Constantinople most security on earth cannons Push out of Turkey Surround Constantinople and take 1453 - Constantinople falls to Ottoman Empire, Byzantine empire is no more. Ottomans are dominant force. Selim I 1512 - 1520 Extended power to Atlantic Ocean. Defeated Shiite, Persian empire (Safavids) Took over Mamluks (Egyptian) Extended Muslim world to Atlantic, Iran, Iraq, etc.
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Vlad Dracula was ruler of Wollachia.
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Unformatted text preview: Took Turkish prisoners and killed them in the worst ways possible. "Vlad the Impaler" 15th Century Three major Christian sites in Islamic control. Suleyman 1520 - 1566 Captured Hungary Armies defeated in Austria (1525) outside Vienna. Ottoman rule stays the same for next 140, 150 years. 1683 - Muslims come from Balkans. Christians win an overwhelming victory. Barbary Pirates From North Africa +/- 500 years ago Mediterranean Took people hostage Cheaper to pay off pirates than to fight them. US refused to pay and fought and lost, ended up paying lots anyway. 15th century Ottoman rule Tribe turned into an empire. Emperor = Sultan Father -> Son Position evolved from the bey. When sultans died, power struggle. Constantinople renamed Istanbul. Harem - where he lived. Concubines - slave women who were partners of the sultan. If they got pregnant, they gained lots of power. Most harem were slaves. It was a way out of slavery....
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HST 104 2.12.07 - Took Turkish prisoners and killed them in...

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