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Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve - Janissaries – an elite Ottoman infantry...

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Chapter Twelve: The Islamic Gunpowder Empires 1300 – 1650 Pg. 346 Key Words: Khanate – a Turkic state ruled by a khan. Shaykh – an Arabic term for a tribal chief or religious master. Pasha – top military-administrative official (governor) in the Ottoman Empire. Vizir – a chief minister or comparable high-ranking government official in the Muslim world, but  most particularly in the Ottoman Empire. Divan – a council or place of administrative assembly within the Ottoman Empire. Ulama – Islamic religious authorities; men versed in Islamic sciences and law.
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Unformatted text preview: Janissaries – an elite Ottoman infantry corps armed with gunpowder weapons and composed mostly of converted Balkan slaves. Harem – in Arabic, literally “forbidden”. A sacred area of palace or home forbidden to outsiders, often but not always used to protect and sequester women. Valide Sultan – the mother of the Ottoman sultan; generally the most powerful and influential woman in the empire. Mufti – a high-ranking Islamic religious and legal advisor...
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