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ENG 112-01W Lynch Research Essay Final December 4, 2006 Believe it or not “Life Imitates Art” as Oscar Wilde once said. What does that mean? People are persuaded by others or the elite of society. Many of those people can be unaware of the manipulation that is in use everyday of the 21 st century. Every person’s ideas are not original. The media has been a main culprit to the ideas and morals that one may hold for many years. The media has reached many people since before the production of radios and seen everywhere a person turns. The media associates newspapers, magazines, banners and billboards, cinema films, radio, television, the World Wide Web, billboards, books, CDs, DVDs, videocassettes, and computer games. The mass media is a class of those who works with the media in designing ways to reach a very large crowd. They can manipulate the way the audience thinks through grammar and language use. The documentary “Roger and Me” by Michael Moore was a very informative film that target the audiences feeling of pity for the small town of Flint, Michigan. Flint, Michigan had a General Motors plant which was later shut down by the orders of General Motors plant chairman Roger Smith. This led to the lay off a large amount of people. Many clips were of Michael Moore trying to meet the GM chairman Roger Smith, people being evicted from their homes, and other ways the people of Flint were trying to survive. After viewing this documentary, one may point a finger at Roger Smith and say “You’re entirely at fault for the people’s condition in Flint. You’re a bad man.” Different
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individuals to think deeper in the angle of filmmaking may question, “Was this produced in a way to keep its audience hooked by empathy, to make Roger Smith look like the villain in the Batman and Robin comic books, or to publicize Flint, Michigan to become popular again?” This documentary was a form of media consisting of facts, opinions, and entertainment. The real questions that everyone should ask after viewing, reading, or listening to any form of media is, “Where is the real truth in this and am I believing it even if it isn’t exactly the truth? What are they persuading me to do and think?” Consequently, there is indefinitely a societal, legal, psychological, and practical effect that the media have on the public’s political beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. The media works in mysterious ways. Generally, the media has a process in
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This essay was uploaded on 04/12/2008 for the course ENGLISH 112 taught by Professor Lynch during the Spring '08 term at Old Dominion.

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ResearchEssay Final - ENG 112-01W Lynch Research Essay...

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