DRIVING WHILE OLD FINAL - Mrs Dillard Eng 110C 20643...

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Mrs. Dillard Eng 110C 20643 April 18, 2006 DWO (Driving While Old) Aging is inevitable; moreover, driving has become a necessity in society today. As time progresses, the effects of old age take a ravaging toll on ones body and mind. With the long years of life, the body changes in crucial ways that will affect general day- to-day tasks in the future. The generation of focus, economically, Generation X (the baby boomers), have reached the age where personal health issues arise. Today, approximately 28% of the United States population consists of members from the “Baby Boom” generation, between the years 1946 and 1964. Approximately 76 million “boomers” were born within that time frame. At present date, the “boomers” are between the ages 42 and 60. They make up the vast majority of the work force, significantly they are the economy. They are the focused consumers meaning they are the upper end of the automobile industry (Baby Boomer Headquarters, pars. 9-10). Why do you think SUV’s became such a sudden popular model in the automobile industry? With such a vast number of elderly consumers, would you not worry about the effects of deteriorating health sharing the road with you? I certainly would. Health begins to deteriorate by the mean age of 54. Macular, striatonigral, and
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DRIVING WHILE OLD FINAL - Mrs Dillard Eng 110C 20643...

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