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November 19, 2005 Blow – Writing 050 Persuasive Should communities provide all homeless people with free food and shelter? Homeless people should not be provided with free food and shelter by the community. Current homeless people have made mistakes. Homeless people have chosen paths from alcoholism, financial issues, mental illness, poor education, drug addiction, and/or simple laziness. The public blames the economy, drugs, and the poverty cycle. Honestly, the homeless people have chosen the lifestyle that they led into poverty. They will not be able to be helped into a better lifestyle by others if they cannot help themselves. These are people who dodge responsibility. Only certain homeless people struggling for a better life can be helped, but very rarely. Some want to homeless, and others are victims of tragic circumstances. Some examples of terrible situations are runaway abused spouses, layoff of work, or big deal divorces. Others were just “down on their luck”. Several homeless people that are influenced with dodging responsibility have
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