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PHIL 105 - Class Notes - 12.05.07

PHIL 105 - Class Notes - 12.05.07 - other species •...

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PHIL 105: Class Notes 12/05/07 The Ethics of Renewable Resources 1. Conserve, don’t waste. 2. Find a replacement. a. Invest in research and development. b. Invest in the results of the research and development. 3. Replacement biofuels a. Waste i. Reduce the fossil fuel inputs ii. Should have small-scale local agriculture b. Competition with food c. Solar i. Production requires fossil fuels ii. Scalability 1. Whether it can be produced in large enough quantities to really  make a difference iii. What alternatives to use for heating? d. Geothermal i. Developed by an American company e. Trash burning i. Developed by a Swedish company What is the moral status of the environment? Other species Do we only need to consider the effects on humans or do we need to think about the 
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Unformatted text preview: other species? • Speciesism o Like racism. But putting species on a lower level. Impossibility Theorem • Science built on impossibility theorems o Travel faster than the speed of light o Create or destroy matter-energy o Build a perpetual motion machine, etc. • By respecting impossibility theorems we avoid wasting resources on projects that are bound to fail. • Impossibility theorem for economics: an economy cannot grow forever. o Reached the point of diminishing returns. • Must develop without growing = sustainable development Jim Shepherd www.itulip.com www.elliottwave.com www.prudentbear.com...
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PHIL 105 - Class Notes - 12.05.07 - other species •...

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