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MUSC 208 - Class Notes - 03.04.08

MUSC 208 - Class Notes - 03.04.08 - If you don’t play...

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Radio programmed for: Do you not dislike the music enough to turn it off? Voice Tracking: Somebody famous saying something on the radio. Focus Groups: common practice that involves taking a sampling in a particular demographic and  testing them with music they normally listen to, some a little bit outside, and some completely  outside, to see their reactions.
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Unformatted text preview: If you don’t play something easily recognized, you run the risk of people turning off the radio. What separates terrestrial radio from satellite radio? • Satellite not localized A&R don’t look for the next great artist, but they only accept calls from prominent lawyers and managers to NOT GET FIRED. A&R has changed dramatically....
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