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MUSC 208 - Class Notes - 02.12.08

MUSC 208 - Class Notes - 02.12.08 - • Huge impact...

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MUSC 208: Class Notes 02/12/08 WRXP.com New York’s Rock Experience The ability to determine what is good and what is not.   What Prescott said will be a talent in the  future. How do you come up with a system where consumption is unfettered, but it will track payment,  what is able to be given, subscription, and consumers do not feel like they are paying? Access to rhapsody on television? Buying a CD when they only want one good song? Why should they have to pay for a bunch of junk? KCRW On campus of Santa Monica Originally a college radio station Trusted arbiters Community of response that trusts Nick Hardport and his tastes
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Unformatted text preview: • Huge impact Classical Crossover • Josh Groban • Andrea Bocelli Sarah Hudson • Release a light, fluffy song first to get people interested, then hit them with the deeper songs to show that she is a real artist, not manufactured, with something to day. Piecing together a band then just selling the crap out of it. Deregulation of Radio • 3 minute single more about what you look like than the music Watch documentary again PEST factors Post lists in outline from to the appropriate discussion forum • brief discussion of each factor • respond to at least 2 other posts • 500+ words in length...
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