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MUSC 208 - Class Notes - 02.05.08

MUSC 208 - Class Notes - 02.05.08 - • companies are...

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MUSC 208: Class Notes 02/05/08 Super Bowl? Tom Petty not first choice. Bruce Springsteen first choice, but he turned it down. Alicia Keys Jordan Sparks o Pre recorded Why should you care? Over 150 million viewers will tune in at some point during the broadcast. Some 90 million viewers watch most or all of the broadcast. A majority of those viewers tune in to the ads. CPM: cost for 1,000 eyes o Superbowl: CPM rate of  $2.7 million/ 30 seconds Digital Millenium Copyright Act recognizes digital duplication, serial duplication, streamed casts Telecomm Act Reagan’s try to deregulate Deregulated Media ownership Maybe you should be allowed to own multiple media outlets. Reagan wanted to take away the limits to help the economy. Who controls the FCC? Congress when they pass an act, but usually people in the entertainment industry itself (Title V) Sum up first area of controversy in CONTROVERSIES
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Unformatted text preview: • companies are beginning to be involved in all areas of the telecommunications field. NewsCore • owns Fox, FoxNews, FoxBusiness • New York Post • Wall Street Journal • WOR TV Controversies • Internet service • Internet content • US market Net Results • Could companies find their ways around anti-trust laws? Frontline: The Way the Music Died • 30,000 records released a year o 100 are hits • the sky is falling view of the state of the music industry • Danny Goldberg CEO Artemis Records • Woodstock was when everybody became aware of Crosby, Stills, and Nash • Record companies used to be run by people who loves records and music • Michael Guido, Music Attorney • Music business never available for everyone who wanted to be in it • David Simone, Artist Manager •...
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