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MUSC 108 - Quiz 1 Vocab List

MUSC 108 - Quiz 1 Vocab List - Recording Contract...

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MUSC 108: Vocabulary List 1 Term : define the agreement. o Delivery of product o Suitable for commercial release o Payments o Deadline o Producer o Distribution of payments to the band o Creative control o Exploitation o Product o Release date o Exclusivity o Retaining ownership of master recording o Period of agreement o Buyout o Ask for more $ o Ask to extend contract o Ask for another advance o Reversion of rights Condition : lay out future of the terms Recoupable o Promotion o Publicity o Studio/production o Tour support o Free goods o packaging Royalty : portion you get paid for sales of your product. Advance (s) Tour   Support : getting less and less money Radio  Promotion Publicity : on TV, radio, face in newspaper Cross-Collateralization : negative funding. Expenses Compensation Work For Hire Right of First Refusal Synchronization/”Synch” License : TV/Film Company needs to use music in product; when,  where it will be used. Compulsory License Mechanical License : License for physical product.
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Unformatted text preview: Recording Contract Intellectual Property : Publishing, music Exclusivity Exploitation Gross Sales : all monies earned, before expenses. Net Sales : all monies earned, after expenses. Merchandising Publisher Key Man Clause : the artist will not talk to or communicate with anyone else, only the key man (at the label, etc.) Power of Attorney Sunset Clause Ethics Clause o Arrests o Knowingly perform any illegal activities o No slander Trademark : images, photos, logos Free Goods Mechanical Royalties Publishing Royalties : 50% to label Special Markets : all non-traditional ways of getting music out; getting something for buying something else. Songwriter : not always a lyricist Copyright Library of Congress Master Recording Grand Rights Reserves : hold back publishing monies to use your money for things like promoting. Escalation/”Step Ups”...
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  • Fall '07
  • Royalties, Compulsory license, Key man clause, Clause Ethics Clause, music Exclusivity Exploitation, Royalties Publishing Royalties

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MUSC 108 - Quiz 1 Vocab List - Recording Contract...

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