PHIL 105 - Class Notes - 11.28.07

PHIL 105 - Class Notes - 11.28.07 - PHIL 105: Class Notes...

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PHIL 105: Class Notes 11.28.07 Peak Oil Ethical Issues 1. Public Policy Choices a. Continue to pursue fossil fuel option i. Is this the only option? ii. Choice iii. Necessity iv. A big consequence of this choice is war. b. Shift non-fossil fuel options c. Conservation 2. Types of Renewable Energy 3. Types of energy a. Coal i. Creates environmental problems if it is not used appropriately 1. Acid air 2. Acid rain 3. Killing fish 4. Killing vegetation 5. Lining in our lungs ii. Clean coal? 1. Technological inventions that have enzymes that treat the coal  fumes and make it harmless. a. But it’s harmless! 2. Expensive, but not if we stop subsidizing oil. iii. Liquefied coal 1. Take the place of gasoline 2. Easier than other products. b. Nuclear  i. Cost is very high. ii. Uranium  1. Most in Australia, but we have a good supply. 2. Not an endless supply. 3. Would hit peak in a couple of decades. iii. Waste disposal 1. What do you do with the waste that remains toxic for 1,000s and  1,000s of years? 2. How do you keep it from contaminating water, etc.? With all the remaining oil in the Middle East, should we be investing in war?
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British Petroleum Energy Policy Tax expenditures for the energy sector from FY 2002-2007 were $18.2 billion, with fossil  fuel receiving $13.7 billion and renewable energy receiving $2.8 billion. o
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PHIL 105 - Class Notes - 11.28.07 - PHIL 105: Class Notes...

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