METR 110 - Class Notes - 01.16.08

METR 110 - Class Notes - 01.16.08 - Mass-volcanism •...

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METR 110: Class Notes 01/16/08 Calculator suggested. PowerPoints suggested. Can print them out Wednesday mornings 2 exams, 1 final Exams curved to a 75%. Grades can exceed 100%. Most labs run about 1:15. Can turn in lab work at the next class meeting (Wednesday). Make sure to do ThomsonNOW quizzes (10%). Final exam is cumulative. (Exam 1 + Exam 2) Need a 92% for an A. Must have 60% to fail. Chapter 1 due in 10 days. (Just the Post-Test) Open book Access code in front jacket. Course key on syllabus. E-5AZDD56KNZ5EG Syllabus on Angel. LECTURE ONE NOTES Origin of Earth’s Atmosphere Earth between 4.5 and 4.9 billion years old. Large asteroid belt. Asteroids colliding Stick together, forming larger asteroids Eventually large enough to have gravity Middle melted (heaviest elements)
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1 st  atmosphere: space gas H2 and Helium Our atmosphere mostly Nitrogen and Oxygen.
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Unformatted text preview: Mass-volcanism • Released water vapor, sulfates, and CO2 • No free oxygen • Outgassing Various chemical reactions came about Contributing Factors • Hydrogen and Helium escaped the earth’s gravity in time. • Ice comets introduced more water vapor. Plant Life Adapted • Used rock, etc. to protect themselves from harmful radiation. Oxygen has the property of shielding from damaging sunlight. When plants decay, Nitrogen in produced. Plant life key. Oxygen in time can produce ozone (O3). • Both shield from harmful radiation. N2, O2, Argon (inert gas – doesn’t react with anything) 40K = Potassium 40 Greenhouse gasses • Infrared radiation = HEAT • Water vapor most dominant greenhouse gas Shortwave – UV – Sun – Ozone Longwave – infrared – earth...
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METR 110 - Class Notes - 01.16.08 - Mass-volcanism •...

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