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EnvSci_101_Fact_Find_Assignment_2 - to this Environmental...

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Env Sci 101 Environmental Sciences Spring 2008 Week 4 Assignment: Fact Finding #2 Due in class Thursday , 26Feb08 Choose 5 from the following: Rachel Carson Kyoto Treaty Yucca Mountain Ogallala Aquifer Passenger Pigeon Lois Gibbs Tragedy of the Commons Aral Sea Fuel Cell Endocrine disrupters (HAAs) Chernobyl Bhopal Taiji For each one you select, explain who , or what it is . Then explain relevance
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Unformatted text preview: to this Environmental Science course. Finally, list your information source. You cannot use the world-wide web for all sources; at least 2 must be from your textbook or other hard copy resource. Please print your responses and ensure your name appears on the side with your responses and on the otherwise blank side of the sheet(s) submitted....
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