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in one letter saying, “I am persuaded, if you wish to lead down the dance of life with regularity, you will not find a more excellent partner than Mr. Boyer.”(Foster, XII). Lucy Freeman and all of Eliza’s confidants believe that Boyer would make for a fine match, however, Eliza still unsure about marriage as a whole. The question arises: why would Eliza continually ignore the advice of her friends and family? There is one common aspect of Eliza’s character that is commonly overlooked, her desire to remain single and avoid the ordinary life. She does not wish to dance with regularity but instead choose her own life independent of social, economical, and personal boundaries of marriage. She says very clearly, “I recoil at the thought of immediately forming a connection which must confine me to the duties of domestic life, and make me dependent for happiness.”(Foster, XV). She is consistent with her opinion at the beginning of the novel where she desires to satiate her desires for amusement and
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Unformatted text preview: freedom. Boyer is eventually pushed away by a combination of Eliza’s constant decision to wait before making a clear decision between him and Maj. Sanford. Boyer is infuriated by her actions and cannot come to fathom the reasoning for her decision not to wed. He instead passes off Eliza’s atypical nature as coquettish. He says in a letter to his friend, “Congratulate me, my friend, that I have thus overcome my feelings, and repelled the infatuating wiles of a deceitful girl.”(Foster, XL) Boyer and the majority of the people of the time can only believe that a woman only invested so much time and effort in a relationship for marriage or to satisfy their own desires for vanity and conquest. But, the truth is that Eliza only invested the time in order to gain friendship and companionship outside of marriage. In fact she only mentions once that she would have agreed to marry him. “I have nearly determined, in compliance with the advice of my friends and the...
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