Astronomy Lab #1 - Partners: Brett Pakorny, Amanda Smith,...

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Partners: Brett Pakorny, Amanda Smith, Edward Wiseman Date Performed: 9-12-2007 Date due: 9-27-2007 Lab #1: How Big is the Sun? Introduction/Purpose: Anaxagoras suggested in 434 BC that the Sun was a ball of molten rock as large as the Greek peninsula. This is a claim that we know now to be completely incorrect. Therefore, scientists including Hipparchus and Aristarchus continues to make educated guesses at how large the sun was. This went on until 1672 when G. D. Cassini used a telescope to arrive at an impressively accurate estimation of how far away the son was from Earth. This experiment shows how the size of an object as huge as the Sun can be measured with simple home-made equipment. It also helped me to become more acquainted with the formation of images by lenses, and this the structure of a rudimentary astronomical telescope. Procedure: In this lab, we first checked that the sky was nice and clear. We then positioned the instrument (telescope) correctly so that the lens is pointing towards the sun. We then slid the screen around until the image of the sun was on the screen at its sharpest and smallest. Then, each member of the group measured the diameter (
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Astronomy Lab #1 - Partners: Brett Pakorny, Amanda Smith,...

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