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Rebecca J Tolman/ 2331360 Ws 396 Project Description 2/20/2007 Topic: I would Like to explore the topic, of Openly LGBTIQ Clergy People in Kansas/ the Midwest. A listing, description, and discussion of the specific evidence: I would like to explore this topic through the lens of the press. Using sources such as Liberty Press other Midwestern LGBTIQ press and even congregational newsletters. Two sources from Spencer Research Library I have already are Liberty Press from August 2007 (Call# RHSerD1622V.13N.12Aug2007) and Liberty Press from January 2007 (Call# RHSerD1622V.13N.5Jan2007) How this specific evidence will help me explore my topic By giving me first hand accounts (ie interviews) of the experiences of Openly LGBTIQ Clergy People. Also this information will allow me to get a better demographic look and find out exactly who LGBTIQ Clergy People are what socio-cultural background they come from, where the are originally from, and what religious groups they come from.
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Unformatted text preview: How my topic and evidence relates to Kansas LGBTIQ people and the “Under the Rainbow” project My topic relates to Under The Rainbow “UTR” because as much as people like Fred Phelps might want to believe that LGBTIQ Clergy People don’t exist in general they are out there and even here in Kansas. I feel that we would be negligent if we didn’t include them in this project. Even though some people may find the idea of being LGBTIQ and religious and or a religious leader as a hard thing to be while the two parts of your identity may be in conflict. Potential difficulties and how I plan to handle those difficulties Lack of sources. (at the moment I only have Liberty Press) Ask Milton and Tami for other ideas for sources. Also look for organizations that might have pertinent Information and ask them to send KU copies ASAP....
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