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EECS 314 Winter 2007 Exam 2 Alexander Ganago March 14, 2007 Thursday March 15, 2006, 10:00 – 11:30 AM Students will take the exam in the following rooms, according to the first letter of their last names: 220 Chrysler Auditorium (our lecture room) – A through O 1504 GGBL (Lee Iacocca Lecture Hall) – P through Z Students whose doctors recommend extended time on the exam will take it in 2246 EECS. The doctor’s letter should be submitted to Dr. Ganago before the exam. Instructor: Alexander Ganago [email protected] Exam rules Under the Honor Code, do NOT discuss this exam with anybody until 5 p.m. Friday March 16, 2007, unless solutions are posted earlier 1. The exam costs 20% of the total course grade and includes 20 multiple-choice questions, each of which brings 1point if answered correctly thus 1 point = 1%. 2. You will be given 80 minutes to work on the exam (besides the time you need to fill in your name and UM ID number on the answer sheet). Please plan to arrive early to sign up for the exam and to start writing it on time. 3. You must sign the attendance form before you take the exam. 4. The answers to the exam should be written on the standard sheet for multiple-choice questions provided by the University of Michigan. 5. Bring your calculators, good 2B pencils and erasers! 6. The exam will be graded automatically; the scanning machine will evaluate your answers based on the darkest spots on your answer sheet. If you believe your answer sheet gets so dirty that the machine might misread your answers please ask your instructor for a blank sheet. Note that the machine cannot accept “double answers” such as “A and E.” 7. This exam booklet lists all questions and provides workspace. You may keep it for reference. If you need more workspace, ask your instructor for extra pages. 8. Calculators are allowed. 9. PDA, cell phones, and laptop/notebook computers are not allowed on the exams. 10. Books and notebooks are NOT allowed. Two “cheat sheets” of standard size 8.5x11” are allowed, with handwritten notes (both sides OK). 11. Hand in your exam to your instructor. Do NOT leave until your instructor makes a written note certifying the receipt of your answer sheet. Abide by the Engineering Honor Code: “I have neither given nor received any aid on this exam, nor have I concealed any violation of the Honor Code.” Your signature on the “bubble form” signifies your acceptance of the Honor Code. Sample solutions
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Winter 2007 Exam 2 Alexander Ganago The Key A B C D E 2 5 4 3 1 10 8 7 6 9 20 12 13 11 16 18 17 14 19 15 Problem # Correct answer 1 E 2 A 3 D 4 C 5 B 6 D 7 C 8 B 9 E 10 A 11 D 12 B 13 C 14 D 15 D 16 E 17 C 18 B
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W07%20314%20ex2%20all-s[1] - Sample solutions EECS 314...

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