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PLAY OR STAY?WHAT’S YOUR DECISION?Imagine this scenario taking place severalyears ago on UMBC’s campus just at the startof the H1N1 outbreak.At that time, we didn’t know how severe the pandemic would beand everyone was preparing for the worst.ScenarioThe men’ssoccer team, currently first in standings, is scheduled to play at Binghamtonthis weekend.Binghamton has reported 16 confirmed cases of H1N1, but no illness hasbeen reported on their team.Binghamton has made no decision related to closing orevent cancellation and is in preliminary stages of reviewing their decision.Students at UMBC are also reporting flu symptoms, but because the State of Maryland isno longer testing routine cases, we cannot confirm or disprove diagnosis, althoughgiven the time of year, it is less likely to be seasonal flu.SGA has arranged for 2 busses of students to attend the game and ticket sales were
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Unformatted text preview: strong due to renewed interest in soccer generated by our international students. The Office of Institutional Advancement (the university’s fundraising group) is planning to host their first New York alumni reception prior to the game. Two major donation prospects live in the area and have responded to the invitation. The Provost and the Director of Athletic s are consulting with the Emergency Preparedness team. Should we send the team to play? Answer the following questions: 1. Who do you believe will be concerned about the decision? Who will need to be involved? 2. What are the immediate concerns of students? Parents? Administrators? 3. What is your decision? What factors are influencing your decision? If questioned by those who disagree with you, how will you defend the decision you made?...
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