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01_10_08 - ASIAN LAN 126 1 10 Habitual action with ACTIVITY...

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Unformatted text preview: ASIAN LAN 126 1 10 Habitual action with ACTIVITY verbs V-te form + topic also expresses a habitual action / repeated action. V te-form Mr. Tanaka eats vegetables everyday. Habitual action with ACTIVITY verbs Practice te-form Adjective/Noun te-form: Adjective/Noun te-form -adjective -adjective irregular Noun+ te-form: Adjective/Noun te-form: Adjective/Noun te-form: Adjective/Noun - and -adjectives also have te-forms. You can combine two elements to form longer sentences. Topic te-form My room is big and clean. te-form: Adjective/Noun Positive + Positive or Negative + Negative Positive + Positive (X) Positive + Negative te-form: Adjective/Noun -adjective Topic te-form My room is quiet and clean. Noun Topic te-form Mary is an American and a college students. te-form: Adjective/Noun Practice te-form: Adjective/Noun Example I am 20 years old. I study Economics at U of M. te-form: Adjective/Noun Past tense Topic te-form Past tense New York was lively and nice. and so (reason or explanation) and so (reason or explanation) Topic Reason (te-form) My apartment is close to campus and so it is convenient. topic S Reason (te-form) A1 A2 A1 is the reason for or the causes of A2 Describing people Describing people Describing people topic Body part description My mother has long hair Describing people Michael Jordan Describing people Practice vs. vs. Occurs at the beginning of a sentence Cannot make compound sentences S1 S2 vs. Combines two sentences Disjunctive coordinate conjunction Written language S1 ( ) S2 vs. Practice ...
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