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CIS 755, Assignment #2 Due: 24 April ’06 1. (4 points). Consider the IMP language whose translational semantics we defined in class. Suppose we revise IMP to be a block structured language (but no procedures or functions). So a h prog i is a h block i (rather than a h command i ); and a (new) alternative for h command i is h block i . A h block i consists of a h decl seq i followed by h stmt seq i and the h decl seq i includes (only) variable declarations. How would you revise the translational semantics of IMP to account for these changes? Note that you cannot any longer use the names of variables as we did because in the same program we may have, in two different blocks or possibly an outer block and a nested block, two different variables declared both called XYZ , so if you were to use XYZ in the assembly language code, it would be ambiguos. Instead, you would have to introduce a sort of symbol table, assign addresses (or something) to the variables, use those addresses in the code you produce. And in the attribute grammar, you would have
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