interproj - CSE 755, LISP Interpreter Project Spring '06....

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CSE 755, LISP Interpreter Project Spring ’06. Grade : This project is worth 50 points. Goal : The goal of the project is to implement an interpreter for pure LISP [more or less; see details below]. You may use any of the following languages: C++, C, Java . Do NOT use Scheme or LISP . Languages like Perl are not recommended. If you want to use some other language, talk to me first to make sure it is acceptable. Do not use lex or yacc or other similar tools. What To Submit And When : On or before 11:59 pm, May 19, you should submit your project. You should submit four files. One should be your source file, in other words your LISP interpreter; this file should be named where ‘xxx’ is whatever is the appropriate extension for whatever language you are using. This file should include a standard comment of the form: Author: xxx. The second file should be a Makefile. The third file should be a design-and-documentation file [called ‘design.txt’]; this should be a plain text file describing your interpreter, anything unusual in its design, or in the implementation; if you borrowed ideas or anything else from anywhere, that should be documented in this file. The fourth file [called README] should contain clear instructions on how to use the interpreter, in other words how to compile it and how to run it. Any unusual things about the expected input etc. [such as ‘don’t put two
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course CSE 755 taught by Professor Neelamsoundarajan during the Winter '05 term at Ohio State.

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interproj - CSE 755, LISP Interpreter Project Spring '06....

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