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RUSSIA - RUSSIA EXAM QUESTION Using information from a...

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RUSSIA: EXAM QUESTION: Using information from a variety of sources, explain what you know about the new leader of Russia. How do we know if he is his own person, or he is being told what to do by Putin. Communism (China and Russia) and Post Communism (Russia) Why do we have to Study Russia? 1. One of the major super powers for 50 years. 2. Still have military potential 3. Significantly regained economic strength 4. History of Soviet Union 5. Geographical revelance 6. Could still be a threat to the west or to the former communist countries 7. To examine how the transition away from communism At a political crossroads between leaders. Politics of Putin 8. One could make the argument that Putin is leaving the helm of Russian politics a much better place than where he found it. 9. Economic Growth o 7% a yr o Worth about 1.3 Trillion o Foregin Exchange Res- 480 Billion o Oil $144Billon o 2,000 IPC o 9,000 IPC o 10 years ago on the edge of bankruptcy o All of this comes with a significant deficit for democracy o Not much democratic progress since Putin came to power o He has accumulated so much power that and to a small group (KGB) o Exiled many business men who threaten his politics o Makes sham of election o Former richest person in Russia is now in jail o Putin is heavily favored by virtually everyone in his country o Popular rating of 75% o Embrace everyone that US doesn't like Hamas, Iran, Syria, o Some in the US believe that US should start drawing a line between US and Russia Merkel 1. The Politics of Putin a. Because he was ready for the revolution 2. History, where did it come from a. Has been effected by many revolutions before 1917 1500-Ivan the Terrible-Revolution from above
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1825-Decemberist Revolution 1905 Bolshevik Revolution- 1917 Revolution Despite History of Revolution - it was very conservative in the way it applied its communism- Russia not radical enough Much o f Russian politics from 45-90 dominated by Nomenklatura (within elite structure of society who seem to gain most of the benefits of the Russian Revolution) Following it: Russia had several years of uncertainty before it took advantage surrounding WWII During WWII- able to spread ideas to several regions of eastern Europe 3. Although the Communist Revolution was supposed to benefit working class- it was the other that benefited the most 4. It had ideology and territorial countries of eastern Europe throughout 1945-1990 despite this it qualified as a failed political system because a. The way communism evolved in Russia was because of Leninism (not the version that Marx dreamed of) b. USSR wrong c. Leader of USSR 1917-present (letters) 5. 1917-24 Lenin 6. 1924-1953 Stalin a. Court of Personality- deify make them look like god Tied to longevity of rule- stayed in office as long as possible
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